the tramp

“The Tramp” is out!

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“The Tramp” is a very special song for me. It was born very spontaneously and the final result is a union of all my influences, especially my first plays.

In fact, the title is taken from the band I love the most, Supertramp, that have determined the way I see, listen and think about music.

At the age of 10 my father taught me my first chord ever, an E-, from the song “A Soapbox Opera” by Supertramp. After 20 years here is an E- chord, played by my father Claudio on the accordion.

This song means a lot to me and recording it was really exciting. I love the contrast of the choirs to the ostinatos of drums, bass and piano and above all I love the accordion solo.

“The Tramp” represents my journey, my life, with the music that will never end.

Have a good listening!

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