“Polychrome” is out!

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I have always loved the ballad of every album.

Every time I listened to a new record I ended up falling in love with the romantic piece, the slowest, the most moving and the most communicative.
Whether it was a rock or metal, jazz or electronic record, the ballad was always present.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to insert a ballad on the record and here it is: Polychrome.

I wrote it in a mystical moment, during which I felt all kinds of emotions possible. Love, anger, joy, suffering, passion and melancholy alternated as I blasted the chords on which I built this piece.

Different sections, different feelings, different colors.
Nothing in life always stays the same, we are a different person every day and nothing that is natural is monochromatic.

I tried to represent all of this with a few chords and a simple melody. Just as when mixing colors you get new ones, in the same way I tried to get new shades by combining piano, vocals, bass and drums in many different ways.

Have a good listening!

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