Am I a Bitch? - Giuseppe MalinconicoAm I a Bitch? - Giuseppe Malinconico

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B.i.t.c.h. – Being in total control of himself

This piece clearly represents how difficult it is for me to choose just one direction on a musical level.
I’ve always studied jazz, but metal music for me remains the most energetic and exciting.

In “Am I a Bitch?” the two worlds coexist and the great rhythmic difficulty that characterizes the piece forces me to stay as concentrated as possible, to maintain control.

The emotion I wanted to arouse was that of feeling suspended like a tightrope walker who risks falling on one side or the other.

I have never been able to listen and play only jazz and the same goes for rock and metal music which will always have an incredible influence on me.

I tried to create strong sounds even without a distorted guitar and to create a melodic journey thanks to Elena’s voice and her phrases that respond to each other.

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